Multiple Ways to Sell Your Home

Multiple Ways to Sell Your Home

May 20, 2017

Are you ready to Test the Water in the Greater Phoenix Real Estate Market? Let us help you make sense of what the market is currently doing in our area.

First of all, the water is super warm… if you are a homeowner considering selling your home… there has NEVER been a better time. Why you ask? Let me share some of the opportunities and advantages Sellers are currently able to consider.

By now you have noticed there are not only multiple ways for you to Sell Your Home…


There are also brand new ways, yet many of these options can be confusing to a homeowner;

OfferPad, We Buy Ugly Homes, Open Door, HomeVestors, and other countless independent investors would be happy to purchase your house from you in today’s market. 1st you need to decide what is your final goal? Sell fast gaining convenience and a SOLID sale over the unknown? Or market your home on the open market and see what it will bear?

Contact us today to gain a clear, written CMA with my professional opinion of your current value in the OPEN market within the Greater Phoenix Area.

We will help you SHOP for and then understand your best offer.  

Once we speak we will submit you to outside investors to gain their offer. We will then review those with you, step by step to explain how they may or may not work for your specific situation.

When you have us review offers with you, side by side, we can help you understand them and help you avoid any possible pitfalls associated with selling your home.

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