DECIDE to Help Other Agents LAUNCH Their Careers 

DECIDE to Help Other Agents LAUNCH Their Careers 

March 2015

Chapter/GROWTH of my Real Estate Career


DECIDE to Help Other Agents LAUNCH Their Careers ~ Solutions Real Estate Years

Mentoring ~ Helping Others Will Help You


So we make it back to Phoenix, Arizona; Mesa, specifically in April of 2013. And I spent a year trying to get my business back up off the ground remember now I’m basically a brand new agent all starting all over again. Luckily I know where I’m living I know the streets I know the communities I know a lot of people. But the market is just starting to kind of bring itself back into a thought process of people moving forward.


So I did have clients not here that knew we were on our way back that waited for me so I helped them buy their house and sell their house right away. And I had several others. And then, 2014, everything stalled out and went silent again. And in that moment I was like, I don’t know how much more of those I could take. So I got my license in insurance because I thought it’s got to be more secure right like you write the policies that are in place, and you just live off of them, so that’s got to be better. So I went I got my insurance license and former clients of mine who I loved and I had helped, all of them buy and sell houses. I interviewed with and hired on with.


And while I loved the people that I was working with I spent a year at State Farm, but I never got my grounding there I never figured out how to get that off the ground and I wasn’t enjoying it. I was the same thing over and over and over again. and I didn’t because it wasn’t my own business, I had no creative ability within it, to do things the way I would want. And I also had no budget and I had no money of my own to pour into it. So it was. It was hard it was just really hard for me. But the opportunity that I was given to get to try to start and work there was awesome, and that that was a blessing and I’m still in contact with those people. So, while I’m at State Farm, I started to look to see what else, where you know where can I jump back in to real estate sales because I miss it. I miss my heart, I’ve got to put something back together and I need to be making more money than I currently am. And so I was searching paying attention and found that solutions real estate which was a small independent brokerage was hiring, and I sent in my resume and all my backstory and spoke with Heidi z bro. And everybody felt like it was going to be a fantastic fit. And I took the position of. I can’t remember what she had me titled as I’ll have to look that up. But I wanted to build things out, as I didn’t want it to just be a class room setting where brand new licensees would have to come to class certain days of the week and perform certain things I wanted it to be a mentoring hands on program, and I talked with ownership at solutions about that and they were 1,000% on board. And so we got started, and I put together, everything from scratch, no budget. No, no beginning point just threw myself into it, 1,000% and that would have been March of 2015 March seems to be a really big month for me it seems like so. March, 2015, I take that position. I launch a handful of brand new agents that come in on the mentoring program, right from the beginning. And I’m not working, a lot of my own client base at this moment which is fine. My first six to seven licensees that we hire and put through mentoring one on one did fantastic they were fantastic people. They had the grit, they had the determination, they wanted this so badly. And they all found their own way of making it happen, which is exactly what I wanted to work on. I’ve always felt like real estate is great, as long as you really really want it, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it. And that you can put yourself out there that you’re not afraid to put yourself out there. And, and that you have some form of marketing. And so even if you don’t have a marketing idea.


That’s where I really enjoy helping brand new agents is helping them define that find that. What is it about them that sets them apart, and help them figure that out and then build the marketing systems around it. So, march of 2015 till March of 2018 or 2017, I believe, April timeframe, I’ll have to look it up. I worked at solutions real estate and I had hired trained managed recruited and mentored over 60 agents, I did have other agents that came alongside with me that helped me to give the one on one dedication to our brand new licensees, we had several very, you know top high producing agents that joined us within the mentoring program. And that was fantastic because then I also learned how to match people up in ways that help them move forward quickly, or gave them the slight challenge that they needed to learn and adjust different things because one of the things you learn in real estate is when you’re working with clients is you have to mirror and model, their behavior and their personalities, but you also need to move them forward so you have to work sometimes in opposite ways. Then, where they’re truly at. Hopefully that makes sense I might have to reword that sentence. But I loved being IT solutions, it was a huge blessing. It came in at a moment in my life when I absolutely needed it. And I was determined to make it work no matter what. Now, within the last three years, maybe a little bit more. Pretty much after I left solutions I had to lock down again and decide what was I what was my core focus going to be what was I going to market, what was I going to dig myself back in, and I had to kind of go back across all of my chapters and find where was my favorite items, what did I enjoy doing the most, and it was those years that I was in Morrison Ranch, doing the marketing and the systems and the branding and the promotions with other small businesses and all of that. And I realized I need to go back to that that’s my innate ability, that’s what I enjoy. That’s where I can get lost for hours working on items. So I decided that I was going to go straight back into that. And I named a sort of branded in area of Mesa Ellsworth corridor mapped out where I was going to focus on built in the systems and the processes, and the marketing that I wanted to roll out and continue and started making the connections and the friendships and putting the places together with the people to make that happen and that’s what I’ve been working on now. And after the last five years of being in a mentoring role for brand new licensees and kind of taking a small break from that while I was building out Ellsworth corridor and getting my base of income back on my platform basically back underneath me and built so that we went from a survival mode, coming back into this, you know, brand new starting all over again in Arizona, to a stability sort of pattern and really didn’t feel like stability till last year, and now of course we have coronavirus going on that’s just thrown stability completely out of whack again at the moment but, um, that’s a different chapter and conversation, but I am preparing right now to flip the switch back on to take small businesses for mentorship, whether you’re a licensed agent or a, maybe side subsection of real estate, or not at all. I am open to bringing on some coaching and some mentoring, one on one with small businesses, if you’re in real estate, I absolutely look at you as a business from a different perspective. so it’s something that you have to learn to look at yourself as as well so define mentoring. The program is put together, based on everything that I learned and built out during my time at solutions and helping other agents over the years.

And that’s all I can think of at the moment.

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