DESIRE a Fresh Start, What We Learned From a Cross-Country Move

DESIRE a Fresh Start, What We Learned From a Cross-Country Move

April 2010

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Now, I’m making some decisions on what we were going to do as the real estate market here in Phoenix was changing.  I happened at the end of October 2009 to attend a REMAX function that I had been invited to because I had gained my Hall of Fame Award from REMAX and Dave Lininger, who was CEO in ownership, was there was a small group of us. And I wound up like getting my picture taken with him because everybody does for different purposes. And I asked him in person. Tom and I had been doing some research about several different cities in different parts of the US. While we were trying to decide where were we going to go because my husband had told me, originally, just pick somewhere. Pick somewhere anywhere in the US research it figure it out. And let’s go, let’s just pick up and go and start fresh. So, I started thinking to myself, well, if I got to choose I would live somewhere where there was fantastic weather, kind of like, California. But I don’t want to pay for California. So, I also knew I didn’t want to go anywhere north, where there was serious snow. But I would be willing like for a dusting of snow here in there so through the process of a lot of research and different things I’ve decided Raleigh, North Carolina like Cary Raleigh, North Carolina is where I wanted to go I had narrowed there, down to there, and a couple other cities but almost all were in North Carolina. So I asked Dave Lenninger, when he was standing with me. How had the in the market fared in Raleigh Kerry area triangle of North Carolina and he said it had been great. It had been well insulated they had not had the wild and crazy ride up, they had not had the crash down, and that he would provide me with several brokers names of REMAX to interview. And I thought that was fantastic so I got that information, called those brokers in the next few days, and then set myself up interviews, went out to Raleigh over Presidents Day weekend in 2010 saw the area, because I had never been there, met with those brokers there were two or three of them. Um, I had done a ton of research and pulled a bunch of information. I knew that there were less realtors per capita cap, you know, out there, versus Phoenix Phoenix’s market is super saturated. So I thought, Okay, that’s good. There’ll be less competition. I had looked at their stats, it looked fairly solid, but one things, and I knew people on the East Coast do not move as much as people in Phoenix, like people buy a house they stay in it for life. So, I knew that too but I knew there was a good influx of jobs and movement in the greater triangle area in the, you know, tri city and triangle probably should have picked Charlotte, instead of Raleigh Carrie, in hindsight on, but we packed and headed out and we left in April of 2010 for Raleigh, North Carolina. We rented this huge rambling old farmhouse on a horse boarding farm. That was amazing. You got to. I grew up in Phoenix on these, you know, our homes had decent sized yards, but a lot of us live on tiny little postage sized stamped yards here in Phoenix, and out in Raleigh, replace we rented to start out was on 100, acre horse farm. It was amazing, our nearest neighbor was, like, half a mile up the road from us, you know we could walk up there in the evenings and turn around and walk back, it literally looked like Forrest Gump, I’m not even kidding. So we made the move, got settled were there for the year. And a year almost to the day that we moved into that rental a tornado hit the property and caused quite a bit of damage. And I think before the school year started, we moved into a regular neighborhood. So, and I’m going to throw some jump links in here back and forth so you can see storyline of what happened as our family went through the tornado. And, um, how we went through that. I also want to make note that I felt like as we left Phoenix this was going to be my sabbatical, it did give me the time that I needed down with my kids and my girls while they were super young, because I had worked. I was working constantly in all kinds of crazy hours for all the years leading up to this unplug of april of 2010 and moving you know moving and driving across country to Raleigh, North Carolina. So, and then we had a year of calm, and then the tornado hit story is attached below. And then maybe two more years we land we survived in Raleigh, just over two years, and we came back again in April, timelines in my life tend to perpetuate repeatedly, but we moved in April. The tornado happened in April, we moved back in April, two years after that, we were gone for a total of three years, I think, but we chose to come back to Arizona because finally for that three years we were gone. The market had started to pick back up here, and shift and change, and we weren’t making the headway we needed to in Raleigh to survive and make the goals happen that we had for ourselves and our family. So, we headed back to Arizona.


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