DESIRE Drives Me Forward

DESIRE Drives Me Forward

Spring 2001

Chapter/GROWTH of my Real Estate Career

DESIRE Drives Me Forward

Become SYSTEMS Based & Market Consistently


Okay, so let’s go through my Morrison ranch years. That would have been about 2001. I was at that point, somewhat solid in my career I had gotten licensed in 97,  January 21 of 97 to be exact.   So it took me about four years to get things to the point where they were regularly flowing between referrals and items that people. I was working with. And I decided I needed to up my sales price point, and number of sales yearly, just to hit my next goals or levels that I wanted to do. So, 2001, I’m out showing homes to people that were in from out of state. And at the time, we lived at record brown in northeast Mesa. In about 1500, square feet and we had just had Kourtney, and I wanted something a little bit bigger.  I was out showing these houses to people that were in from out of state and fell in love, LOVE, capital L, LOVE with Morrison Ranch.

Like, totally in love. And I remember walking a bunch of the different models with several different clients that had come in from out of state all who wound up buying. And I kept thinking to myself, I want to own that area I want to focus on that area, and build my marketing and my systems around it and it be my little Monopoly board and be super engaged and excited and just. I loved it. I absolutely loved it, and I was able to bring that to fruition. while I was out showing houses one day in that area of Gilbert. I noticed a sign go up from trend homes that they had purchased 40 lots in the area. And I was like, I can’t even get over this so that’s our opportunity this is going to be our one and only shot to live there because trend homes built affordable price points. They were not super fancy by any means, but I knew the floor plans, I knew the one I would want it fell in our price range. And I remember calling Tom or talking to him when he got home and I was like, this is it. We found it I found it, there’s opportunity we’re going down there we’re writing a contract, I think we were like the first or second contract in that subdivision. For Higley groves, and I was in love, and then I was like now I’ve got to sustain this and hold it and hang on to the this house, which was fairly easy to do, but I became super involved in the area. There was a brand new elementary school that opened up, just in time for Courtney to go to kindergarten. So I got involved with the PTS oh there. And I also on within ptso became the yearbook coordinator I built the yearbook for several years. I built out a business networking group that referred back and forth to all of ourselves. I did marketing within the subdivision as a real tour. And I did that in very constructive ways of which I’m going to share in this section of the website, with lots of different ideas and focus and ways to communicate or share within that client base that you’re that you’re working with. I’ve made a ton of friends while we lived there. Some who I’m still really close with and stay in contact with others who reach out to me off and on and I do the same with them. That’s a fantastic community. Anybody that gets a chance to love that or live there. I highly highly recommend it’s a fan, it’s just a great fantastic area, we don’t live there anymore. And I will share some more details on that in my next section, but for my Morrison ranch chapter of my business. As I look at this through the lens of of memory and looking back, was a high high desire, like I had a big why, and a high desire to knock out my goals and not lose my focus and move forward so sometimes within real estate, you have to set something just super high and dial in your focus and not let anything take you off task. So, lots of my lots of things that I’ll share in coaching, whether it’s marketing pieces or ways to stay focused on that stuff that I that I share with my agents. This is a basic rundown that I can clean up and edit a little bit. 

Highland Groves 

At one point, when we lived in Higley Groves of Morrison Ranch, they started to build a newer phase named Highland Groves. And there were bigger homes, and I wanted to upgrade and buy the bigger house and put everything in it that I desired so we did that, we move we bought first in 2001. And then we moved up to Highland groves 2006, and everything was wired in and dialed and ready to go within my business things were good they were strong, things were happening I had just had our second child. In August of 2006, and things seemed. Well, we had gone through a lot to become pregnant with our second girl, and I had worked super hard for two years to lead up to cover the cost of in vitro, and things were things were good.

When a new baby we had a new house we had things moving business wise.


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