4 things to avoid when your home gets back in the black

4 things to avoid when your home gets back in the black

Mark my words; read, absorb and then RE-Read this post – memorize it, tell all your friends and share it everywhere… as the market begins to show signs of recovery we need to not forget the mistakes of the past.

I’m not going to say much more Tara Nicholle-Nelson’s post stands for itself. Having lived and seen first hand what Americans in heavily depressed markets have dealt with since the inital fall of the real estate market I wholeheartedly agree with this article.

I experienced the fall of the Phoenix real estate market from every angle, career, house value, economy, our children’s educations being slashed, you name it I’ve been there. By choice I am now in Raleigh, North Carolina enjoying a stable economy and fantastic educations for my children. Raleigh has been named the top place to live repeatedly, but I’ll save that for another time.

Here’s part of Tara Nicholle-Nelson’s post about the 4 things to avoid when your home gets back in the black

“My experience has been this: In the exuberance of a victorious moment, our memories can be very short for the traumas of the recent past.

If you are a homeowner who has recently seen your upside-down home mortgage situation right itself due to rising home values, here are a few things not to do, to avoid the errors of the last ascent and peak of the market.”

She goes on to say after that, “One of the most powerful lessons of the recession, in my opinion, has been that many of us need much less — space, luxury, debt and material stuff, generally speaking — than we might have thought, and that a simple life that is easily financially sustainable and allows for us to save, invest and generally experience a life of financial integrity can be a very nice life indeed.”

GO on read the whole article HERE and beginning spreading her GREAT advice!